Email Marketing – Audio

Email Marketing Made Simple - Audio Version

What Is Digital Marketing?

Course Overview:

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  • Video 1: Introduction
  • Video 2: Email Marketing Overview
  • Video 3: Grow and Organize Your Email Lists
  • Video 4: Autoresponders and Email Apps Every Marketer Should Know
  • Video 5: Email Designing and Copywriting Strategies
  • Video 6: How to Keep Your Email Out of the Spam Box
  • Video 7: Top Delivery Tools for Marketers
  • Video 8: The Art of Targeting and Segmentation
  • Video 9: Planning an Email Marketing Calendar
  • Video 10: Common Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
  • Video 11: Determining the Optimal Email Frequency
  • Video 12: How to Use Split Testing
  • Video 13: Funnel Creation and Drip Marketing
  • Video 14: The Seven Best Transactional Email Services
  • Video 15: Ten Email Styles to Boost Your Profits

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Lessons in this course:

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