Facebook Ads – Audio

Facebook Ads Made Simple - Audio Version

What Is Digital Marketing?

Course Overview:

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  • Introduction
  • Section I: Facebook Ads Basics
    • Video 1: What are Facebook ads?
    • Video 2: What can you accomplish with Facebook ads?
  • Section II: Setting Everything Up
    • Video 3: What should you do right before creating your ads?
    • Video 4: What type of websites can you use to advertise with Facebook ads?
    • Video 5: Creating a Facebook Page, Step-by-Step
    • Video 6: Basic introduction to creating a Facebook App
    • Video 7: Creating a Facebook Event, Step-by-Step
    • Video 8: Types of videos you should create to advertise with Facebook ads
  • Section III: Creating Ad Campaigns
    • Video 9: Boost your posts
    • Video 10: Promote your Page
    • Video 11: Send people to your website
    • Video 12: Increase conversions on your website
    • Video 13: Get Installs of your app
    • Video 14: Increase engagement for your app
    • Video 15: Raise attendance at your event
    • Video 16: Get people to claim your offer
    • Video 17: Get Video Views
    • Video 18: Collect Leads for your business
    • Video 19: Creating ad campaigns using the Power Editor
  • Section IV: Ad Analysis
    • Video 20: How Tracking can get you in the right track
    • Video 21: How Optimizing can get you closer to your goals…faster
  • Section V: Additional Tips to Consider
    • Video 22: Ten do’s you should consider to run Facebook ads successfully
    • Video 23: Ten don’ts to avoid for a successful Facebook advertising venture
    • Video 24: Premium Facebook advertising Tools & Services
    • Video 25: Shocking Facebook advertising Case Studies

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Lessons in this course:

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