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Video Ads Made Simple - Audio Version

What Is Digital Marketing?

Course Overview:

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  • Introduction
  • Section I: Video Ads Basics
    • Video 1: What are Video Ads all about?
    • Video 2: Why your should use Video Ads for your business?
    • Video 3: What type of Video Ads are available today?
  • Section II: Creating Your Video the Right Way
    • Video 4: What types of video you can create
    • Video 5: Creating your videos with the right tools
    • Video 6: The right place to outsource the creation of your video
  • Section III: Video Ad Networks
    • Video 7: What to look for in a good video ad network
    • Video 8: Top video ad networks
    • Video 9: Other video ad networks to consider
  • Section IV: Setting Up Ad Campaigns
    • Video 10: Setting up a video ad campaign with YouTube
    • Video 11: Setting up a video ad campaign with Twitter
    • Video 12: Setting up a video ad campaign with Facebook
    • Video 13: Setting up a video ad campaign with Instagram
  • Section V: Advanced Video Ads Strategies
    • Video 14: Competitive advertising
    • Video 15: Advanced strategies for social media
    • Video 16: Top YouTube video ads & what to learn from them
  • Section VI: Additional Tips to Consider
    • Video 17: Do’s to apply
    • Video 18: Don’ts to avoid
    • Video 19: Other Premium tools & services to consider
    • Video 20: Shocking case studies

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Lessons in this course:

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